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Bradford A. Mills
Bradford A. Mills

Mr. Mills is the Founder and Managing Director of Plinian Capital and currently acts as CEO of Mandalay, Chairman of West African Minerals, and Executive Director of Circum Minerals. He has over 30 years of experience in the resource industry, formerly holding the position of CEO of Lonmin Plc, the world number three platinum and PGM producer, and prior to that, served as President of the BHP Billiton Copper Group.

Bradford A. Mills
Sanjay Swarup

Mr. Swarup holds a MBA from Cranfield School of Management (Bedfordshire, UK) and is a Chartered Accountant from UK and India with over 20 years experience in accounting and business consulting, with 10 of those years in the resources industry. Mr. Swarup has worked with a range of businesses that include small and medium enterprises and multinationals such as BP plc and Lonmin plc.

Bradford A. Mills
Mark Sander

Dr. Sander holds a PhD in Ore Deposits and Exploration from Stanford University (USA) and has been active in the mineral resource industry for the last 25 years in operations, strategy and exploration, with a focus on Copper, Gold and PGM projects. Dr. Sander was formerly the VP of Strategy and Planning for BHP Copper.

Bradford A. Mills
Anton C. Mauve

Mr. Mauve is the Director of Consolidated Nickel Mines Ltd. and President of West African Minerals Corporation. He has over 25 years of experience in the resource industry, formerly holding the position of Vice President Strategy and Long Term Planning with Lonmin plc. He holds an MBA, MSc in Science in Engineering, and BSc (hons) in Geology and is registered as a Professional Natural Scientist in South Africa. Mr. Mauve has 18 years experience in the platinum industry.

Our Expertise

Our principle expertise is in gold, silver, copper, nickel, PGMs, iron and potash.
We have a global geographic focus with special expertise in the Americas, Australia, Africa and Europe.